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How to start a 66 year old car, shaky cam style.

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I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The bad news is, the 1947 Dodge with a 1953 Plymouth engine uses a distributor from a potential third automobile.(edit, it seems to have the distrib from the 1947 230 dodge engine, but that’s just based on the info i found at So when I opened up the box containing new points, I was not very happy to see an exact mirror image of the one I needed.


On the left, the original, and on the right its mirror universe self.

But times a wasting, since the old points are out, lets file them down for 20 minutes and put them back in.  What’s the worst that can happen.


These are the points that were in the car, not looking too happy

Now for the good news.

I got out my camera, because I’m always an optimistic guy.  I start recording and what do you know….

Spark, sputter, spittle, spattle. Oh my goodness!  It’s got spark!

The old Dodge wants to start now.  I get my gas, I get my starting fluid and I make quick work of this.  Turning it over, adding fuel, hoping I’m not adding too much, but adding more anyways.  Rinse Repeat

By the end of the day I drained the battery twice and got this

  • 2 successful starts(which lasted exactly until the gas in the carb ran out)
  • 1 successful backfire, which filled my garage with a glorious plume of blue smoke
  • 1 Happy camper.

Tomorrow the siblings are coming out, and with a freshly juiced battery and a lot of luck, I might be able to tell more tales of progress and internal combustion.

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