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What’s been going on, anyways?


Where was I?  I don’t even remember.  So I guess I better recap on my progress

Dodge has

  • Engine is running
  • Brakes stop the car
  • Exterior lights are functional(aside from the fact that the headlights only work on high beam)
  • Interior half removed (mohair seats, door panels and 10 dollar IKEA rug make up the interior at this moment)
  • Carburetor rebuilt(although the Brother Don says he should rebuild it again, and I don’t disagree)
  • Dash lights operational
  • Turn Signal lights blink correctly
  • Radio removed, ready for servicing(but by who?!)
  • A lot of general clean up.  I’ve gone wild with the putty knife let me tell you

Dodge needs

  • Engine Gaskets, gaskets like crazy(water and oil exit the engine in all the wrong places)
  • Turn Signal assembly, the existing one literally crumbled in my hands, I salvaged the switch and improvised
  • Rebuild radio
  • Wiring, all the cloth wiring is crumbling like a dried out sand castle.
  • Brake shoes on the front and drums resurfaced
  • Rubber.  Every piece of rubber has dried up.
  • Interior
  • Paint(but that point is subjective)
  • License Plates

Today the Sister, Nephew, Son and I went down to Owatonna for a car show.  We parked the Passat and walked about 20 feet before I said “Oh, umm.. we have to go over there, there’s one here”

1948 Club Coupe, all original aside from exterior Paint and Dual Exhaust

1948 Club Coupe, all original aside from exterior Paint and Dual Exhaust

And there it was, the first similar car to ours I’ve seen in ‘like new’ condition.  And boy was it in like new condition.  It was all original, literally stored in a Dodge garage for half of its existence.  This car was a template for our car.  It even had a perfect paper tag in the trunk informing you how to operate the car jack.  Paper.  Original.

Myrna talked to the owner at length while I struggled with a wiggly four year old and listened to another gentleman who seemingly knew everything there was to know about 1940s Mopar.  I probably spent more time by that car all day than anything else.. and I learned a lot.

What a fantastic discovery.

The day went on and it only caused more inspiration for me, more goals and ideas.

Unlike a fine wine, aluminum does not improve with age.

Unlike a fine wine, aluminum does not improve with age.

I got home and tried to make the best of the turn signal mess, as I left the car last night with one hard to press switch extracted from a now shattered aluminum frame.  This single switch would allow one of four blinkers to blink.  That was great, but not great enough.

Tonight, I realized that the rear bulbs all operated, but that the signal assembly itself didn’t cause a blink effect.  I removed the bulbs and switched the dual contacted bulbs upside down.  I returned to my birds nest of a turn signal switch and what do you know?  A rear blinker now worked.

Another hour later and I had all four blinkers fully operational.

Another half an hour later I got the one non shattered Fog Light working(with a jumper wire, mind you)

Nearly all the electronics are in functional order now, minus a few bulbs and short circuits.  For example the fog

light switch turns on the tail lights.

Electricity?  Ha, you don’t scare me.

Maybe this winter I’ll buy a box of capacitors,  and try to fix the radio.

Then again, that could cause electricity to scare me again.

Scary radio insides

Scary radio insides


1948 Engine, dead center is a black bracket holding up the air filter and securing the throttle spring


sanded down, throttle spring / air cleaner bracket I found in the trunk

Anyways, that 1948 at the car show helped me realize what one of the miscellaneous parts found in the trunk of the car was actually very important.  So after a lot of wire wheeling and a little bit of sanding I got it looking pretty nice.  Once I get some black paint, it’s going to look great in there, plus it will eliminate a rope that I am using for the throttle now(a rope that my brother Don says reminded him of a repair my grandfather would have done, fitting I think)

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