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First Ride – the Video

As promised in the Quality Time – Family Times and my First Ride post, here is the video of my first ride in the Dodge where we oh-so-funnily ran out of gas.

Thankfully, we ran out of gas just a few houses away from Joel’s garage. And, thankfully, the alleyway we had just driven had a slight uphill slope to it. So when it came time to get the out-of-gas Dodge back to Joel’s garage we simply had to coast backwards and stop by his garage.

Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. At one point I thought Joel was going to hit some trash cans (he didn’t). And we did have to get out and push the Dodge out of the alley and into Joel’s drive. No biggie. Actually, the whole process was kind of fun as you will no doubt figure out when you hear me laughing through most of the video.

By the way, due to my excellent videography (ha!) when you watch this video you will see a lot of footage of the Dodge’s dash. Instead of getting bored with the lack of scenery, be sure to check out how shiny the chrome is on the dash. Joel spent some more time cleaning it up with WD-40 of all things. It sure does shine!

You will also notice a fair amount of footage of my shoes, the floor and a nifty heater above my feet. Although the heater is worth noticing (it sort of works, by the way), my shoes and the floor are, ¬†quite simply, not that exciting. I’ll do better with my video taking next time. Promise.

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