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The little things start to add up

I had a really excellent day today.  Liam and I cruised down to Rochester for my Uncle Marvin’s surprise birthday party.  We got to hang out with the family for awhile and then had to go home. We got some delicious cheese on the way home and then I got the little bugger to bed.

After bed I finally got around to cleaning my actual house and doing some laundry.  Seems that when you avoid those things, they don’t just go away.  Hrrrmm.

Well, I might as well go to the garage anyways.  Can’t hurt.

I glanced at the dodge and found that the driver door window was starting to crack in another place from opening and closing the door so often.  Sad.  Most of the glass needs replacing anyways, but anything not vital is best saved for later.

I then realized that it is getting cold out, and I still don’t have a driver vent window(as you may recall, it flew off in transit, shattering into pieces on the highway.  So I started to clear out the what I assume was once rubber around the window frame and prep it for a temporary plexi replacement.

This is when two of my friends Zach and Jenny phoned me up and wanted to know if I wanted company.  Sure!

So neither of them have seen the car yet, so I better give them the tour.  Here’s this, here’s that…  go ahead and sit down.  Now my friend Zach is an electrician, so I just assume he is good luck.  He opened the passenger door and the dome light switch kicked on the dash light for the first time ever.  What?!!?  I thought this was insane, him just being near the car has caused another piece to operate correctly.

I tell him that there is a dome light in the rear, and it has a good light, but the switch does nothing.  I show him by wiggling the switch….



Never mind…. that light works just fine.  I guess the switch just needed to be put into the non existent middle position.  Zach, you are a magician.

Now all that is left is the spot light.

Anyways, I went back to my plexiglass after showing them the rest of the car and giving it one good late night start.  Still sounds great with the exhaust patched up.

We ended up doing a pretty decent job of cutting up some plexi and fitting it into the window frame and then siliconed it into place.  Certainly not show car quality, but should keep some wind out of my face.


6 volts of powerful light illuminating the yet to be fully cleaned cloth interior.


Plexiglass vent window in place, hard to see, but on the top of the other door window is a newly formed group of cracks.

Well, I thought I’d finish things off by doing an a/b comparison of the blog’s cover photo versus one I took tonight.  It’s not as dramatic as a change as I would have liked, but I blame the flash on my photo.


close enough for government work

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