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First Ride – the Video

As promised in the Quality Time – Family Times and my First Ride post, here is the video of my first ride in the Dodge where we oh-so-funnily ran out of gas.

Thankfully, we ran out of gas just a few houses away from Joel’s garage. And, thankfully, the alleyway we had just driven had a slight uphill slope to it. So when it came time to get the out-of-gas Dodge back to Joel’s garage we simply had to coast backwards and stop by his garage.

Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. At one point I thought Joel was going to hit some trash cans (he didn’t). And we did have to get out and push the Dodge out of the alley and into Joel’s drive. No biggie. Actually, the whole process was kind of fun as you will no doubt figure out when you hear me laughing through most of the video.

By the way, due to my excellent videography (ha!) when you watch this video you will see a lot of footage of the Dodge’s dash. Instead of getting bored with the lack of scenery, be sure to check out how shiny the chrome is on the dash. Joel spent some more time cleaning it up with WD-40 of all things. It sure does shine!

You will also notice a fair amount of footage of my shoes, the floor and a nifty heater above my feet. Although the heater is worth noticing (it sort of works, by the way), my shoes and the floor are,  quite simply, not that exciting. I’ll do better with my video taking next time. Promise.

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Quality Time – Family Times and my First Ride

I haven’t been out to spend any time with the Dodge since Sunday the 8th but I got out there today and made up for my time away! More on that in just a moment…

Why has it been so long since I ventured up to my little brother’s garage for some Dodge time? Well, first I got so sick with a cold that I spent days in bed. Then I was busy, along with my brothers, putting on a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for our parents. Yep, Doug and Char celebrated 50 years of marriage on September 14th. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

My brothers and I are all pretty glad Mom and Dad got married because, well, we’re here having fun with our family and the Dodge because of it.


The Family with Mom and Dad at the center.

There’s been a fair amount of Dodge excitement in our family as of late so it’s no surprise that the Dodge came up in conversation many times at the anniversary party. So here are a few Dodge-related anniversary party moments:

  • Uncle Marvin, our uncle who sold the Dodge to us, was there along with our Aunt Elaine. Uncle Marvin is now following the 1947 Dodge Blog and seems pretty happy with the fact that Joel has the Dodge running.
  • Our 92-year-old Great Uncle Myrl, our Grandpa Anderson’s only living sibling, was there in fine form. If I understand the story correctly, Uncle Myrl is the one who suggested that our Grandpa buy the Dodge from their brother, Elmer.
  • Mom’s Cousin Renny was there. Cousin Renny is the son of Uncle Elmer, the first owner of the Dodge. Renny actually drove the Dodge a few times way back when. Joel and Renny had fun talking Dodge at the party.

Okay, back to today. Why was today so special? Well, Joel took me for a ride in the Dodge! It’s my first ever ride in it and only the third time Joel has driven her around.

The ride was exceptionally funny because, well, we got going down the alley and the Dodge stalled. Joel tried to restart her and it wouldn’t go. Turns out we were out of gas. We laughed a lot then put her in neutral and coasted back to Joel’s driveway (thankfully, we’d driven up a slight hill  or we would have been pushing a lot) then we pushed her up a slight rise into the drive. (I plan to post a video of this most memorable ride – stay tuned!)


Joel putting gas in the Dodge. I think we’ll need to actually fill her up someday. Two gallons at a time won’t get us very far.

Then we drove Joel’s Passat to the gas station for 2 gallons of gas. Then back to Joel’s to pour the gas in the Dodge. And we tried again.

And we had fun! We drove around Joel’s neighborhood for awhile. The Dodge is loud!The Dodge is awesomely huge! The Dodge motors along like it owns the road! I’d be surprised if we went as far as a mile but that one ride has to be the happiest car ride of my life. Part of it was just the sheer joy of riding along in this old, wonderful, car. And part of the happiness was looking over at my brother at the wheel. He looked so much at home there driving the Dodge. So proud. So happy.

As for me, I felt pretty at home in the role of big sister going along for my first ride in the  Dodge and pretty proud of my little brother.

Because if it wasn’t for all of Joel’s hard work, the old dear wouldn’t be running at all.


Joel, my little brother, at the wheel of the 1947 Dodge

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It lives


(not pictured, the grease in my hair)

I officially have brakes. But the kind of brakes where you say ‘this doesn’t stop very well, I should do a brake job.’

But that’s not the point. The Dodge stops when you press a pedal, the pedal compresses eight individual shoes grabbing four drums and in synchronous harmony the car slows down to a stop.

This is a good feeling.

Thanks to a lot of awesome people who got this car this far. Let it be known that without your assistance the old Dodge would probably still just be sitting idly by in the garage.

Thank you Don, Myrna, Mom, Dad, Owen, Wes, Uncle Marvin, Young Ed, and so many other people.

Thank you!

Tomorrow I hope that Myrna can stop by and we can go for a joyride around the neighborhood!!!

And I hope to continue to update you all throughout the week on any new exciting changes.

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