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Good news, everyone!


Good news everyone!

So, here we are.  Literally six months after my last exciting and promising story.  I’ll officially classify that as a bummer.


Back in January we experienced some pretty intense lows and the dodge decided that after it hit -18 degrees that it was done.  Just done.  I then experienced what I can best describe as the worst case of Seasonal Affective Disorder I’ve ever experienced.(also I’m not exactly sure its a thing as much as just “it’s dark and cold all the time and I’m bummed out”)  So finally it got warmer and I was ready to get the dodge started again.  But it didn’t, and then I moved on.

Months passed. 

I would hook the car on the charger, charge the battery, turn it over, and walk away.  Each time making virtually zero progress and losing more hope, and more importantly losing interest.

Finally I got some time off of work, the temperatures increased and I set two goals for myself.  Get the Dodge started and fix a recently cracked sidewalk.

I charged the battery once again, turned it over, added gas, turned over again, added starting fluid and finally got the car started again.  But boy, it was running BAD.  I said to myself ‘these unknown aged spark plug wires need to go.” So off to the parts store I went, and purchased a generic cut your own spark plug wire set.  This is a new concept to me, I’ve never cut plug wires before, how do I even know if I cut them or crimp them correctly.  Who knows!  Lets give this a go.


fresh new amazing spark plug wires. but will they blend?

Car started again, this time worse. But hey! Started!  I then proceed to call the parts store up again and special order a new distributor cap, they say it’ll be there on Monday.


Oh yeah, my car has a habit of being a Frankenstein.  The distributor never arrived(they had no records of it being ordered either, which was mysterious) but when I said “well, lets order it since I’m here” they say “there are four available, which brand distributor do you have”  … … I give up.

A month or so later

I just can’t stand looking at this poor girl every day and not doing something about it.  So I buy a new battery charger(deciding that my father’s loaner is just not up to the task anymore)  I plug it into one of the two batteries I have and it pops up a message (reversed polarity)  WHAT?  I plug the charger into the other battery, charge it for 10 hours and it reads 6.85 volts(that’s more than enough for a six volt car, right?)  Nope.  I now own two completely useless six volt batteries.


I finally venture back to the parts store with a battery and say ‘I think this is broken, it won’t take a charge’  They test it, they agree that it is garbage and immediately swap my battery for a brand new one, free of charge.

Liam and I return home and enjoy some Popeye’s Chicken.  Which I should note was quite delicious.  But I don’t want to build up my excitement for a new battery too much, so I take my time.

Finally, I wire the new battery up and the darn car turns over like a champ.  It even starts.  The doggone thing finally started again.

But it is running bad.  Really bad.  Seems that a lot of the little things I’ve done to tweak the car in the last six months have just taken it back two steps.

After a little more fussing and feuding I actually have it up and idling.  The idle is rough as nails and somebody is going to have to come over and flip that magic switch that puts her back in her place.  But either way I’m past my winter blues and I’m ready to start updating again.


I like how the winter made this brand new water pump look right at home, the patina was free of charge.

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She still has it at -8 degrees

In Minneapolis we are preparing for a long cold night. I opted to start the Dodge up and get her up to temp before I shut it down again for a day, or a week, or whatever.

Well, as some of you might have noticed, not much going on in the Dodge world right now.  I’ve just gone through a refinance on my home and also have had some less than routine maintenance done on my daily driver.  These things have coupled very well(or badly) with the fact that it is just too blisteringly cold outdoors.  I hope to start ramping up efforts on the Dodge again in February or so.



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Sure is quiet in here

Well I suppose no news is good news.

I haven’t had much time lately to get out and do anything really pivotal or exciting with the old Dodge. A lot of time has been spent on other far less exciting tasks.

I need a water pump. But I need it about 55% less than I need 99% of the other things in my life so I haven’t ordered one just yet. I did decide to mix some anti freeze into the car finally, as temps are hitting freezing at night and the absolute last thing I want to do is crack a block.

Brother Don stopped by today to look at all the fun parts I have laying around, but he had some Doctor Who to go watch, so he didn’t stay around for long. He did help talk me through one more thing though. My carb is running too lean, so further adjustment is still in order.

Last week I took the Dodge on Hiawatha avenue and brought it up to 45-50mph. This was awesome. The fears I’ve had of stalling for absolutely no explainable reason are disappearing from my mind. Next stop? Highway 62.

This could be the week. The week something new and exciting happens. Stay tuned.


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Stuff, I reckon.

I’m still trying to figure out how Apple’s Photostream feature on my Windows computer stopped working.  This has caused me to stumble with new posts.  I mean, its not like uploading photos is more difficult than it was.  I just have to use an old fashioned cord now, instead of radio waves.

Anywho.  The visit from Myrna and Donald yesterday got me motivated again, despite an annoying and lingering cold.

We tried a new fan belt, nope, wrong size.  We bought some flex pipe for the exhaust, nope my hack saw wasn’t going to cut it(pun intended).  Seems the only real accomplishment was the oil change  yesterday.  That’s ok.  It was a great day indeed.

I forgot to mention Donald brought over some really old magazine ads for 1948 Dodge coupes.  These were gifts from our friend Tim Asleson.  They’re so awesome.  He  found one for me and one for Myrna.  Along with a half dozen Jeep ones for Don.  Reminds me of the first time I found an old advertisement for my 1980 Celica.   So fun to see how companies advertise their products.


Classic ads.

Don also had tucked away at his home a large box of valve rings and main bearings for the 1947.  These will be very important if and when a rebuild is required.  But that will definitely be saved for another day.

Friday was another day spent recuperating from a cold and not really trying to overwork myself.  But something had to be done.

I acquired a reciprocating saw which used the same battery pack as my weed whip(hey if its good enough to whip my weeds into shape, it must be good enough to cut sheet metal.)  I then tackled the exhaust leak.


Two or more pieces of exhaust pipe combined with a standard water pipe.

I tore through the old pipe and finally this giant hole combined with pipe fell from the car.  It appears that the exhaust in this car consists of a muffler from … something,  a piece of standard home metal pipe, coat hangers and a lot of luck.  The luck has been keeping everything together for all these years, but mixed in with all that luck were a lot of fumes.  Mostly entering through the gaping holes in the floor boards and going straight into the noses of the passengers of the car.  And being the mechanic that I am not, I just cleaned out a path and attached a nice foot long portion of flex pipe between my two cuts and clamped them in place.  I finished off the task by dabbing the muffler with some muffler sealer and wiped my hands clean of this situation for the time being.

A brief starting of the car was rewarding as suddenly the car roared like a lion, instead of the previous sound of a herd of cattle being chased by a P-51 Mustang.


Artist Representation – no bovine harmed during the creation of this image.

Well, I did my work thing tonight and when I got home I had to do something else.  So I decided to try my hand at upholstery cleaning.  The upholstery that remains is original and in different levels of light actually looks pretty awesome.  Aside from the rips and the sun fading some of it is quite salvageable.  At least for patterns and ideas.  I used a mixture of hot water and patience and ended up with a waste container that was pleasantly dirty as dirt.

Go Bissel Go!

Go Bissel Go!

Well, time to call it a night.

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