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Josephine in the Snow – 1979 or so

I was at my parent’s house the other day and stumbled upon a picture of the 1947 Dodge in Mom and Dad’s office. It’s fun to see Josephine making cameo appearances in old family photos (like she did in this pic from 1962) – and here she is again sitting quietly in the background while my big brother, Don, and I pose for a picture in the snow. The picture was taken at Grandpa and Grandma Anderson’s house in about 1979, about a year before Joel was born. I would have been almost 12 years old, the same age my son, Ryan, is now. I’m betting Mom took the picture simply to show how much snow we had that winter but here we are 35 years later all excited to see the Dodge in a picture and getting all nostalgic for days gone by.

Snow Dodge - 1979?

Grandpa’s farm was full of cars, tractors and farm equipment. Most of the cars and tractors worked but some just sat there in the yard or pasture. Donnie and I would play on them. We’d climb onto tractor seats or into cars and pretend we were driving. I mostly remember playing in old “Herbie”, a VW Bug Grandpa used as a parts car for his running Bug. Then there was Wanda, the one ton Dodge from my Mom’s childhood that I blogged about some time ago. I have a lot of good memories of running around and playing on the farm and it’s so fun to see my kids and nephew, Liam, do the same when they visit the farm. iPads, cell phones and computers are quickly forgotten when the kids get outside and start running around…

Can anyone ID the make and model of the car I’m standing on? I remember the car but sure can’t remember the make and model. Donnie, do you know? And can you identify the tractors in the background?

The picture is a bit of a time warp when it comes to fashion. You’ve gotta dig Donnie’s big framed glasses. Our cool hats stocking caps were one of a kind creations knit on a knitting machine (they were pretty new on the scene back in the 70s, I believe) by family friend, Joan Swanson. I remember liking my yellow coat and my cool boots.

As for the latest on the Dodge – well, it’s not really running. We were hoping to drive it to Back to the 50s this coming weekend but that’s not going to happen. Oh well. There’s always next year.

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Meet Wanda – The Other Dodge

I mentioned that we spent some time down at the Farm last Saturday. It was a fun-filled day that conjured up many past memories of hanging out at the farm when we were kids. We’d go down to the farm many weekends when we were little and spent hours walking around in the pasture chasing Grandpa’s goats and looking at all of his old cars. There were a lot of them! Grandpa would park his old cars out in the pasture when he was done using them. The only vehicle from the past that is still parked out there today now belongs to my big brother, Don.

That vehicle is also a Dodge, a 1946 WD 21, one ton flatbed truck.

Her name is Wanda.


On Saturday, when we were standing out by the Dodge truck, taking a break from shoveling some gravel, Mom told Joel and me that the truck’s name is Wanda. I didn’t know the old Dodge truck had a name! Mom went on to say that the people Grandpa Anderson bought it from named her Wanda so she came to them already named. At one point WANDA was painted above the windscreen. You can’t really see the lettering now but you can see COLE CAMP MO. painted on the door and above that, if you look very closely, you can see the faint remainder of ANDERSON FARMS. Mom said she hand lettered ANDERSON FARMS on the truck’s door. I’m not sure how old she was when she did that but I believe Mom started 4th grade in Cole Camp  and went to school there through 7th grade so she was pretty young.

We’ve talked quite a bit about what to name the 1947 Dodge but haven’t come up with a proper name quite yet. But the 1946 Dodge that belongs to Don has a name – Wanda. It seems to fit her well.

Wanda has been sitting in the pasture for as long as I can remember. Thirty years? Forty? I can’t recall just when Grandpa retired and moved from his big farm to his little 12 acres on the edge of town but it was a long time ago.

Don has dreams of restoring Wanda  someday. It’s in pretty tough shape in many ways but, miraculously, Don and Joel checked the engine and it’s not stuck. Amazing! Okay, it doesn’t run and there’s no upholstery on the seat and the cab is full of stuff – but other parts of the Dodge truck have held up well.

So, just because it’s fun to look at old vehicles, and because Wanda is a part of our family as much as our yet-to-be-named 1947 Dodge, here’s a photo gallery of pictures of Wanda for you to enjoy. Joel took all of the pictures. Click on any image to view full-size or to view as slide show. If you are viewing this in your email, click on the title to see the gallery on the website.

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