Winter, Booo!

Poor Dodge.  She started when the temperatures were below zero.  She ran like a champ.  But now I haven’t been able to start the little girl for three weeks.  I haven’t tried every day, by any means.  But I sit down and turn her over once a week, add starter fluid, pour gas into the carb, everything.  No dice.  I know there’s an obstruction in the gas line, so I bypassed it tonight.  Created a little gas tank, plugged it into the fuel pump and turned it over.  Gas was sucked from the tank into the carb and spits and sputters happened.  She tried to start. But that’s as far as I can get.

Well, I wanted to do something this winter with the Dodge, keep it breathing fire and avoiding another month long resuscitation process in the spring.  But that’s just sort of looking like it’ll be the inevitable case.  I just hope my valves aren’t rusted open or shut again.

I’m still entirely brand new to this whole process.  To the idea of taking a near antique and keeping it moving smoothly and freely.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a bit saddened by the fact that I just can’t get her going.

I really long for a nice spell of nice weather. Some melting and some puddles. Instead I keep getting layers of ice and snow.

Well, until next time, have a swell winter.

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She still has it at -8 degrees

In Minneapolis we are preparing for a long cold night. I opted to start the Dodge up and get her up to temp before I shut it down again for a day, or a week, or whatever.

Well, as some of you might have noticed, not much going on in the Dodge world right now.  I’ve just gone through a refinance on my home and also have had some less than routine maintenance done on my daily driver.  These things have coupled very well(or badly) with the fact that it is just too blisteringly cold outdoors.  I hope to start ramping up efforts on the Dodge again in February or so.



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Dodge took a trip, with hilarious results

Dodge took a trip, with hilarious results

Happy Holidays from the 1947 Dodge Blog

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Awesome… Wait… Oh Bummmmmmmer

Over the weekend, I installed the new modern water pump, thermostat and brand new rubber hoses on the old Flathead engine.  It all went together quick and painlessly.  The new pump uses a sealed bearing which should in theory be lower maintenance in the long run. And the thermostat brings the engine temp to 180 degrees instead of the previous 160(there are I guess pros and cons for each temperature, but the 180 degree one seemed like the one I should get.

I took her for a quick spin around the block and it sure ran nice.

I then got ballsy and gave it a long drive on Sunday night.  I got really far away from my house too, but still didn’t try out the highways.  But then she completely stalled and I decided that I was finally out of gas. 

Spare gallon of gas in the car and it popped right back to life.  I drove it around for another while and stopped at a gas station to refill the back up tank.  Still driving magnificently.  I drove about two blocks away from Lake Nokomis when it started to miss and ran out of power again.  So I decided to call it a night.

The drive back to my house involved a lot of careful acceleration and clever coasting, but I did completely stall the car a couple more times.  Nothing new to me, I’m still not a professional carb rebuilder(as I think the problems lie in my carb.) nor am I all that great at diagnosing issues that are not always there.  Give me a flat tire and I know it needs air, you know what I mean.

I parked her in the garage where it idled like a champ again and shut it off.

After I drive the car I like to give it a once over, look under the car, check the engine compartment, verify that I still have proper fluids, etc.

I opened the oil cap and found it was covered in foamy white sludge.

Dag nabbit.

I assume the head gasket has gone out on me again, but I cannot say at this point for sure.  It could be related to having the water pump off for a day, and engine internals exposed to the elements, maybe some water just snuck in there.  It could be the head gasket again, it could be something that I’m completely unfamiliar with.

More than likely it is the head gasket though, as I peeked into the radiator and found a tiny layer of oil in the radiator as well.  Shoot.

That urge to rebuild the engine from the top down gets stronger each day.

Oh well, I’ll keep you all posted no matter what.


See ya later old parts, you did a great job.

Image – supplier of gorgeous new parts! Out of pure luck I ordered an additional gasket, the pump came with a broken one.



Here’s the new water pump surrounded by a freshly painted pulley and fan. Wrapped in a nice little bow with fresh rubber hoses.


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The parts have started to arrive


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