About The 1947 Dodge Blog

My younger brother, Joel, and I bought a 1947 Dodge Club Coupe on August 17, 2013.

The car has been in the family for 64 years, since it was almost new. Our Great Uncle Elmer bought the Dodge in 1949. Our Grandpa Howard bought the Dodge from Uncle Elmer when the car was about 10 years old. Not long after our Grandpa passed away, our Uncle Marvin got the Dodge. Marvin owned it for about 19 years. The time came where he wanted to sell it.  And, well, Joel and I just couldn’t resist and we bought it.

We’re not entirely sure what we are going to do with the Dodge. We want to get it running first off, and restore it at least a bit. We’ll be keeping track of our progress (or lack thereof!) here on our 1947 Dodge Blog.


2 thoughts on “About The 1947 Dodge Blog

  1. Byron Hambly

    I own a 1949 Dodge, can’t find a blog page for 49’s, was wondering about my fluid drive…it won’t go into 3rd. I was told there was an adjustment somewhere that needs adjusting….Does anyone have some knowledge on these transmissions? Would appreciate a reply at bhambly@eastlink.ca
    There is a dot between eastlink and ca Thanks

  2. Gary

    I am looking for a Steering Wheel for a 47 Dodge Custom 4 Dr Sdn

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