This just in….

You know that article that I just blogged about, the story written for the Lonsdale Area News-Review about our little old Dodge project? I mentioned that the story was online now and was also going to be in the actual paper soon.

Guess what? “soon” is now and the print story is now arriving in mailboxes in my neighborhood. I just got my newspaper a few minutes ago and started laughing, in a good way, because there’s a silly picture of me laughing on the cover of the paper along with the story about our Dodge with a slightly different heading.

The print story is the same as the online story but the title and cover pictures are different.  Instead of the online title of “1947 Dodge unites family of Webster woman,” the story in the paper is titled “A piece of the past: Webster woman restores family car with brother.”

I’m still chuckling at the picture and am incredibly pleased with Kaitlyn Roby’s writing and how she told our story.

Thanks, Kaitlyn!


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One thought on “This just in….

  1. Meredith & Jim VanDerWerf

    Love the picture Myrna!

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