A genuine newspaper story about the ’47 Dodge

I mentioned in my last post, Time for a Name?, that a reporter came out to see the Dodge and write a story about the Dodge project and blog. The reporter, Kaitlyn Roby, came out to Joel’s place last Thursday and spent well over an hour listening to Joel and me tell stories about the Dodge (and get off topic a time or two. Uh, or three). Then Kaitlyn followed us out to Joel’s garage and spent a lot more time taking pictures, all the while willingly getting engulfed in car smells, when Joel started Josephine up to let her warm up on that cool morning.

I was a little afraid that the reporter would be someone who didn’t “get” cars or the project.  It was clear upon meeting her, though, that Kaitlyn understood us and the project and even likes cars a bit herself.

The story, titled 1947 Dodge unites family of Webster woman, is now online and will be in the print copy of the Lonsdale Area News-Review, a paper that covers news in my tiny town of Webster, Minnesota. I was terribly nervous, shaking almost,  to read the story and see how it turned out. Well, I’m still sort of  shaky, but that’s because I’m excited! The story turned out quite well, I think. Kaitlyn was able to convey the fact that the Dodge project is more about the project – it’s about family.

Joel agrees the article is a good one. “It’s pretty awesome.” he said via text about five minutes ago.

Pretty awesome.

Just like our old Dodge.

Click HERE or on the image below to read the full story. There are several great photos as well!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.30.37 PM

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