Leaks and more leaks

Plenty going on with the Dodge lately but not a lot of time to write about it.  Here’s a quick update:

Joel reported today via text that he hoped to take the Dodge out for a quick spin but then discovered the gas tank is leaking. He put a substantial amount of gas in it for the first time last night and, low and behold!, if you fill the tank up you discover a pinhole leak 3/4 of the ways up the tank. Something new to fix.

In the process of tracking down the fuel tank leak, Joel discovered the fuel pump needs to be repaired because, guess what? that’s leaking, too!

Oh well. We planned to replace the fuel pump anyway. Eventually. Now it might happen sooner.

Joel also reported that the Dodge continues to drive okay and then stalls out after a bit. Joel figures this is related to the carb, which he rebuilt. He’s thinking  his rebuild (his first time rebuilding one) could use a little help from our  big brother, Don who is an actual car mechanic.

Still, Joel remains positive. Here’s his text to me about the leaks, “Yeah. I’m still time and time again impressed that this car runs as well as it does right now. These little things are inevitable.”

So more work to do. Hey, we never thought this would be easy. Just mostly fun.

On kind of a fun side note, my son, Ryan, had to bring a picture to school that describes something that happened over his weekend. The picture is then used as a writing prompt for writing class. So on Sunday night, Ryan went looking for a picture on my iphone and picked this one.


But why this picture of a car? I mean it’s gorgeous and all but what does it have to do with Ryan’s weekend?

Well, last Saturday, we were in Northfield after attending Uncle Marvin’s surprise birthday party and noticed that there were a couple of cool cars in the Witt Bros. Auto garage. So Ryan and I drove on over and peeked in the window. There was a ’64 Corvette and what I believe is a ’40 Chevy. We, being somewhat strange in that we get excited when we see old cars parked along the road, took a picture of the cars through the shop windows so we could show Joel the cool, old car (apologies to the Witt Brothers for peeking in your shop windows – it was too much to resist!).

I think it’s kind of cool that Ryan picked a car picture for his picture of the weekend. He’s rather taken with mini bikes and go carts and things that go lately and is pretty interested in the Dodge and other old cars.

I think he’s growing up to be a bit of a motorhead.

I’m pretty sure Grandpa Anderson is smiling down at us from up in Heaven at that thought 🙂

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