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More Stuff!

The brother Don called me the other day saying “hey guess what?!?”  He has been e-mailing a company just an hour north of here which might have parts for Josephine(is that name official?  I don’t remember).

He’s been saying they might have glass, and other new old stock parts for the trusty old dodge.

Well, where was I… that’s right “hey guess what!?!?! I found a gas tank for you for 200 dollars!”  Frickin right, I said. That’s a significant savings from a tank that I found online, plus the online tank would have to be shipped for an outrageous price.

Well, that got me excited, and not tinkering much recently got me a bit restless.  So tonight I ordered up a new water pump and thermostat.  Yay!  Once it gets to the house, I’ll have to buy some new hoses and refill the system.

And maybe it’s time to scour craigslist for one of those fancy Kerosene heaters again.

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This just in….

You know that article that I just blogged about, the story written for the Lonsdale Area News-Review about our little old Dodge project? I mentioned that the story was online now and was also going to be in the actual paper soon.

Guess what? “soon” is now and the print story is now arriving in mailboxes in my neighborhood. I just got my newspaper a few minutes ago and started laughing, in a good way, because there’s a silly picture of me laughing on the cover of the paper along with the story about our Dodge with a slightly different heading.

The print story is the same as the online story but the title and cover pictures are different.  Instead of the online title of “1947 Dodge unites family of Webster woman,” the story in the paper is titled “A piece of the past: Webster woman restores family car with brother.”

I’m still chuckling at the picture and am incredibly pleased with Kaitlyn Roby’s writing and how she told our story.

Thanks, Kaitlyn!


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A genuine newspaper story about the ’47 Dodge

I mentioned in my last post, Time for a Name?, that a reporter came out to see the Dodge and write a story about the Dodge project and blog. The reporter, Kaitlyn Roby, came out to Joel’s place last Thursday and spent well over an hour listening to Joel and me tell stories about the Dodge (and get off topic a time or two. Uh, or three). Then Kaitlyn followed us out to Joel’s garage and spent a lot more time taking pictures, all the while willingly getting engulfed in car smells, when Joel started Josephine up to let her warm up on that cool morning.

I was a little afraid that the reporter would be someone who didn’t “get” cars or the project.  It was clear upon meeting her, though, that Kaitlyn understood us and the project and even likes cars a bit herself.

The story, titled 1947 Dodge unites family of Webster woman, is now online and will be in the print copy of the Lonsdale Area News-Review, a paper that covers news in my tiny town of Webster, Minnesota. I was terribly nervous, shaking almost,  to read the story and see how it turned out. Well, I’m still sort of  shaky, but that’s because I’m excited! The story turned out quite well, I think. Kaitlyn was able to convey the fact that the Dodge project is more about the project – it’s about family.

Joel agrees the article is a good one. “It’s pretty awesome.” he said via text about five minutes ago.

Pretty awesome.

Just like our old Dodge.

Click HERE or on the image below to read the full story. There are several great photos as well!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.30.37 PM

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Time for a Name?

When we got the Dodge it was immediately clear that we had an old car with character, a vehicle with stories to tell. Add to that the fact that the Dodge had been in our family, a member of the family of sorts, for 64 years and it was absolutely clear that the Dodge needed a proper name other than “The Old Dodge.”  Joel agreed wholeheartedly – we needed to find a name for the Dodge. But first, was the Dodge a him, we wondered, in need a guy name? Or a her? Or did the Dodge need some sort of genderless name?


The Old Dodge – in need of a name

We’ve brainstormed and come up with several name possibilities. At first we figured we had a “guy” car so tried out names like “Howard” for our Grandpa who owned the Dodge. We thought about “Elmer” for our great uncle who owned it before Grandpa. “Manuel” also came up as a possibility and even “Marvin” for our uncle who we bought it from. None of those name quite took. So the Dodge continued on without a proper name.

In the weeks that followed, it seemed that when we talked about the Dodge we were starting to call it “her” so we started thinking of female names. “Wanda” was super cool but already the name of our brother’s old Dodge truck. “Edith,” our Grandma’s name just didn’t seem right. Other names were falling flat as well.

Until this morning when Joel mentioned a name that might just be The One.

This morning I headed over to Joel’s with plans to go for a Dodge ride. First, though, we sat down in Joel’s kitchen and talked to a reporter named Kaitlyn about the Dodge  (seriously – she called last night to see if she could write a story about the Dodge project/Dodge blog. I’ll let you know when the story runs).  At one point in the interview I mentioned something about how the Dodge still doesn’t have a name.

“I called her Josephine this morning when she wouldn’t start,” said Joel. (to prepare for the reporter’s visit, Joel decided to make sure the Dodge would start this morning. She wouldn’t. At first. He hooked her up to the battery charger. She started when the pressure was on and the reporter was there to take pictures of her).

“Josephine? Why Josephine?” I asked, already liking the sound of the name.

Joel said he didn’t really know other than “Josephine” is sort of  like “Joel” and somehow “Josephine” is  the name that came out of his mouth when he was frustrated the Dodge wouldn’t start.

“And isn’t it some relatives name, too?” he asked.

Joel was right. Josephine was the name of our Great-Grandmother, our Mom’s Grandma. Our Grandpa Howard’s Mom.

Josephine. The more I say the name the more I like it. The fact that the name was our Great-Grandma’s makes it even better. Somehow it just seems right.


Josephine and C.C. Anderson celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

P.S. Before I drove back home today, I stopped at my parent’s house to say “hi” and to ask Mom a question about the name Josephine. When Joel mentioned “Josephine” we both remembered it was the name of a relative but couldn’t remember just which relative, though we knew she was on our Mom’s side. I was also thinking that Josephine was a middle name, not a first name. So I asked Mom just who Josephine was.  “She was my Grandma,” Mom said. Moments later, I noticed a framed picture on Mom and Dad’s kitchen counter that I never remember seeing before. The man looked an awful lot like my Grandpa Anderson. Could the picture be of Great-Grandma Josephine and Great-Grandpa C.C. ? I asked Mom. Indeed it was – the picture was of  my Great-Grandparents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. What are the chances of finding this picture on the very day that my brother calls the old Dodge “Josephine” for the first time? Pretty slim, I’d say. But that’s what happened.

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Sure is quiet in here

Well I suppose no news is good news.

I haven’t had much time lately to get out and do anything really pivotal or exciting with the old Dodge. A lot of time has been spent on other far less exciting tasks.

I need a water pump. But I need it about 55% less than I need 99% of the other things in my life so I haven’t ordered one just yet. I did decide to mix some anti freeze into the car finally, as temps are hitting freezing at night and the absolute last thing I want to do is crack a block.

Brother Don stopped by today to look at all the fun parts I have laying around, but he had some Doctor Who to go watch, so he didn’t stay around for long. He did help talk me through one more thing though. My carb is running too lean, so further adjustment is still in order.

Last week I took the Dodge on Hiawatha avenue and brought it up to 45-50mph. This was awesome. The fears I’ve had of stalling for absolutely no explainable reason are disappearing from my mind. Next stop? Highway 62.

This could be the week. The week something new and exciting happens. Stay tuned.


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