Making Connections

Joel’s been hard at work on the Dodge. He’s rebuilt  all four brakes (they work now!) and rebuilt the carburetor. He reports that our big brother, Don, stopped over last night and got the idle adjusted properly. After Don left for the evening, Joel replaced the points. Lots and lots of stuff going on with the Dodge. All of it good.

One thing that continues to amaze me is how many people are excited about the Dodge project. It makes sense to me that our family members, especially Uncle Marvin, are excited about the progress we are making with it. The thing that’s extra exciting, though, is how many other people are excited about the Dodge. People we know are excited and through this blog we’ve made connections with so many others. We’ve gotten so much positive support from so many people!

Case in point – through tweeting our blog posts I “met” a guy named Ivan who lives in the UK. I think Ivan heard about our Dodge project through my chef friend, Karl ( who lives in New York. Karl is excited about our Dodge project so retweeted one of my early Dodge blog tweets. Ivan saw my tweet and got excited about the project and has been sending me great advice via twitter even since. I just love how a community of people is forming around this old car!

Ivan suggested we pick up a copy of the  Dodge Passenger Car Shop Manual,  a reproduction of an original manual of how to fix things in our Dodge. Ivan even sent me a link to where I could buy the manual on eBay. So I bought it. And it arrived late last week.


It’s now in Joel’s garage and is a valuable resource for figuring out how to fix things. At quick glance, I found cool information on how to program the radio stations. That’s a minor thing, sure, but the manual is chock full of minor things like that and major things like Oil pumps and engine systems and more.

What else is fun about this? Well, now I keep checking out Ivan’s blog ( which is full of great recipes. I made one for dinner last night and plan to make more.

It’s not just on the web that we’re making connections. Since owning the Dodge, Joel has met several of his neighbors. The first night it arrived, one neighbor came over to check out the Dodge. Then, last week when I was over, Joel met another neighbor, the one we met on Thursday Dodge Work Day who likes Muscle Cars. And on Tuesday when I stopped over for my ride in the Dodge, another neighbor of Joel’s was driving her Mustang down the alley, saw the Dodge parked outside and stopped to chat. She said her dad and brothers loved cars, especially Chrysler products. She said the Dodge was wonderful. Beautiful, even. That restoring it was the most fabulous thing.

Just as John said that night he delivered the Dodge to Joel’s house, people love old cars and we can expect a lot of visitors from here on out. What he said is holding true. People are stopping by virtually and in person. People are excited. Offering good advice. Sharing in our excitement. And it’s all pretty cool.

Thanks for going on this wild ride with us. You’re all making this project even more fun that we could have imagined.

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