It’s Tuesday already?

I can’t say nothing happened today.  Because something is always happening.  But I can say that nothing dramatic happened today.  The paint looks the same, the engine looks the same… things are pretty much just the way they were 24 hours ago.

I’m waiting on Carquest right.  They have my precious Ignition Points and Condenser in transit to my store.  Tomorrow I’ll try to put them into the car, and we’ll see if any new sparky things happen.

ImageI’ve been researching original looking parts for this car, but want to put a modern twist wherever I can, especially if it can be hidden.  So if I can make something look like it belongs in the 1940s or 50s I will do that.  Wiring is a big deal to me.  Since the old wiring in this car is… not great.  I found some fantastic cloth covered modern wires at The Hot Rod Company.  This stuff looks age appropriate, but at the same time has nice fresh rubber and metal in it.  I know the internals of the wiring in this car are all still rock solid, and who knows, maybe replacing the wiring with fresh modern cabling will lead to another new problem down the road.  But at least I won’t get 66 year old dust and cloth fibers in my nostrils anymore.

What else?  I have been reading, lots of reading.  Anybody who is looking for an incredible resource for old Chryslers of the age need not go any further than P15-D24.  It’s almost frightening how knowledgeable these folks are.  On top of that, the site sells used supplies and has guides for just about everything.  I’ve also been in close contact with my Dad and Brother, asking tons of questions and bouncing ideas off of them.  Thank goodness for people.

So, anwyays, time to do some more research and get some sleep.

I’ll leave you folks with a screen grab from the movie Gangster Squad, featuring a 1946 Dodge!


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