So my brother and I bought a Dodge.  We decided that it would make the most sense to get the Dodge to my brother’s house in Minneapolis because:

  • Joel has a two car garage and just one car
  • Joel is going to be the main person working on the car so it makes sense to have it at his house.

Trouble was, the Dodge was in our Uncle Marvin’s garage on a property in Oronoco, Minnesota and there was no way we could actually drive it to Joel’s house because the engine is stuck, among other things.  We knew we needed to haul the Dodge to Joel’s somehow. But neither of us has a truck, let alone a dolly or trailer of any sort.

So I started asking around to find out who could haul the Dodge for us. My first stop was to talk to Mark of Witt Bros. Auto Repair in Northfield.

Actually, I need to go back in time a bit here first. When I first found out about the Dodge and wondered if we should buy it, I stopped in to Witt Bros. and asked Mark a bunch of questions about if buying the Dodge was a good idea and, if we did, what kind of work we could expect to put into it to get it running. Mark’s short answer was “It’s a done deal.” In other words, “yes, go buy the car, Myrna. It’s a good idea.” Mark and Mike (the Witt Brothers) have both been great help in listening to me talk about the Dodge and sharing information on restoration with me. They are good people.

Back to hauling the Dodge. Mark told me that I should talk to John at Northfield Auto Care and see if he could haul the Dodge for us. So I stopped in and talked to John who said, yes, he could haul it for us using a dolly system (a tow-truck system where he lifts the front wheels up and puts the back two wheels on a four-wheel dolly so each back wheel is in a wheel-cradle of sorts, then pulls the vehicle behind his truck). So we set up a date and time for the pick up and delivery.

And Joel cleaned out his garage to make room for the Dodge.

Joel met Uncle Marvin last Thursday (8/22/13) at Marvin’s garage. I stayed at Joel’s house with his son and my two kids. Joel said John obviously knew his stuff and he got right to work getting the Dodge on the dolly and started off to Minneapolis. Sadly, on the drive home, one of the already loose side vent windows  flew out and smashed on the road. But oh well. We were going to replace it anyway.

It was dark by the time Joel got home.  John was minutes behind him and drove around to the alley. He backed the Dodge into the garage perfectly – he’s obviously a pro at what he does and was very nice to work with.

Shortly after unloaded the Dodge, a neighbor of Joel’s showed up to see the Dodge. I commented to John that the Dodge was attracting attention. His response was that, yes, people love old cars and we can expect a lot of visitors from here on out.

Here’s a bunch of pictures of the Dodge getting hauled home. Click on any image to view full size or to view in a slide show.

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